360° Quiz

a multi-user VR experience



The GuesswhatVR quiz is a 360° virtual reality quiz. Seeing the 'first person perspective' of an unknown object, recorded with a tiny Samsung Gear camera, the audience has to guess what they are. To join, participants put their smartphone in a Google Cardboard after activating the app. It's a shared virtual reality experience, with content synchronised across all devices. A quizmaster controls the quiz by activating the rounds. Participants have to guess what they 'are', by viewing 360° shots showing the 'first person perspective' of objects.




This is the Samsung Gear camera which records its' environment in full 360 degrees.


We've been using it to capture the 'first person perspective' of various objects.


When viewing the recordings with a Virtual Reality viewer, you 'become' the object.


You don't see 'yourself', but can you guess what you 'are'?




The quiz shows that fancy hi-tech isn't a requirement for a shared VR experience, and that the presence of other people nearby has an added value (In this specific case that is)


The audience does not need to download an app. The quiz runs as a web-app which can be started instantly in the webbrowser of most contemporary smartphone.


Using a controller on his/her phone, the quizmaster is in control of the duration of the session and the amount of quiz rounds.


With 360° cameras being very affordable these days, it's very well possible to include images relevant to the audience of your event or festival.

Preview of 360 shots

Below is a preview of some of the 360° shots (To be viewed in VR)

Social VR?

People are puzzled about remarks by Mark Zuckerberg about VR becoming the social platform of the future. Is it really a matter of further enhancing the hardware and software? An innovative interactive experience for the audience of a Dutch festival showed that there's no need to wait for the future, and that there's no need for hi-tech and motion tracking wearables neither. Using synchronised Google Cardboard 360° content, we created a multi-user VR experience in which players feel the presence of other people nearby in a very basic way: because of the yelling to the quizmaster. After a successful pilot, we're now repeating the quiz for audiences at other events.


The GuesswhatVR quiz is a cooperation between:

Sander Veenhof, Leonieke Verhoog and Arthur van Beek